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It's time to ditch the worry, stress, and overwhelm that has become the norm of postpartum and early motherhood.

THE MOM CHECK UP, a service of Ashley Lopes, Postpartum Supportive Services is the service you NEVER knew you needed! 

We are changing the postpartum experience for Central Pa families and beyond with ongoing postpartum care and support. You deserve more!

Support makes the difference between surviving and thriving postpartum and early motherhood.  


Thanks for landing here!

I'm a wife, mom of 3, Social Worker, Certified Postpartum Doula, and Breastfeeding Specialist. For the past 15 years, I have been working with families in various family based programs. Through my work and my own personal experiences, I became very passionate about helping moms and their families during the postpartum time and in early motherhood. 

What I have learned is that motherhood is not a time to do anything alone. We live in a time where support and care is lacking for a variety of reasons and this has led to postpartum and early motherhood being a time of worry, incredible stress and overwhelm.


Worry, stress, and overwhelm were never meant to be the norms of postpartum and early motherhood. I would love to support you! 




THE MOM CHECK UP is continuity of care from pregnancy to postpartum. Postpartum care is just as important as pregnancy care and needs to be prioritized for you and your baby's health and overall wellness. THE MOM CHECK UP is a collaborative team member with your PCP and/or OBGYN so you feel in charge of your care and have the support to do so.  

$125.00 One time Fee

We do recommend you have at least 2 Check Ups, once within a few days postpartum and again around the 8-12 week mark postpartum. 

$35.00/hr for additional hourly support. Many families opt in for a few extra hours of support in addition to their check up. 


* 2 hour- IN HOME or VIRTUAL support session- we spend time doing what is most needed for you- this can look like breastfeeding support, newborn care & guidance, processing your birth story, discussing how you feel you are recovering from childbirth, providing resources and referrals to other providers, housework, preparing and serving you meals, running errands, holding your baby and watching other children so you can nap, shower, or do something for yourself. This time is meant to prioritize you, so you can be your best self. 

* Text support for the week following your CHECK UP so you have access to continued support and guidance. 

* Wellness Plan Development- a plan for your wellness over the next 6-8 weeks, we focus on how you are going to thrive, not just survive the next few weeks postpartum. 

* Postpartum Depression Screening utilizing an evidence based postnatal screening tool. 

* Referrals to other providers, if needed. This can look like Pelvic Floor PT, Chiropractic, Psychiatry or Therapy. Whatever services you would benefit most from, we can ensure you have access to. 

* Communication with your PCP and/or OBGYN for collaboration on your postpartum care, if desired. This ensures everyone on your care team is up to speed on your needs and postpartum recovery. 

Young Family
Mother Holding Baby


THE MOM CHECK UP's goal is to support your healing and recovery from childbirth so that you are able to care for your new baby without sacrificing your health and wellness. 

Here are a few practical ways the MOM CHECK UP works for you: 

1. Offer education and guidance on topics like breastfeeding, infant sleep, pumping, baby wearing, among numerous other topics (answering all your questions) We can do this before you have baby during a MOM PREP SESSION (see below), after you have your baby or both! 

2. Hands on support like holding your baby so you can nap, shower, or eat uninterrupted, anything to support your needs and self care. The goal is to have you feeling optimal. a

3. Caring for other children in your home after baby comes home or labor and delivery childcare, while you are in labor (see below). 

4. Cleaning and Tidying of your home, dishes, laundry, errands, assembling baby items, etc. 

5.  Soothing practices like gentle touch and massage to help relax and comfort you. 

6. Preparing and Serving you meals and snacks and making sure you are hydrated. Education on postpartum foods and the healing properties of foods you may not be aware of. 

7. Postpartum Depression Screening and communication with your OBGYN (if desired). Prevention of Postpartum Depression and other mood disorders is key for optimal family functioning. Support in your home or Virtually helps families and screening gives families access to needed services. 

8. Developing a Postpartum Plan (see below) and a Wellness plan that supports your needs during the postpartum time. 

Virtual support is just as crucial because it gives families a lifeline to process their new life with baby, help with infant feeding, newborn care, pretty much everything listed above minus me holding your baby for you and being in your home. 

Newborn's Care




$125 includes S&H
Items essential for childbirth recovery and self care.

Items vary on local availability and your specific needs such as your mode of delivery (C-Section or Vaginal Birth, allergies, etc.)

Some items that may be included: 

Muscle ease bath soak, lip balms, face masks, lotions, soaps, breastfeeding supplies, soothing items like sprays and balms, easy grab and go snacks, and more!  


1 hour, $75.00 in person or virtual session

A workshop for you and your partner to prepare for postpartum and early parenthood. We will discuss the realities of postpartum, how to prepare for it and set a solid plan in place for how you will thrive, not just survive the early weeks/months of parenthood. Focuses will be on recovery from childbirth, newborn needs, the eat/sleep/diaper repeat cycle and how mom and dad's wellness fits into the repeat cycle. We will work through a postpartum planning booklet to help guide us through preparing for one of the most monumental times in you and your partner's lives. 


$35.00/hr. with a 4 hour minimum 

Are you worried you may have to deliver your baby without the support and presence of your partner? You do not have to worry about doing labor and delivery alone and your partner does not need to worry about missing the birth of their new baby. I will be on call for 2 weeks prior to your due date and be ready to care for your other children so you can do the hard work with your partner. Contact me today to discuss getting on my schedule for this service. 

Mother and Baby
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